What the Private Sector Can Learn from Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Person shopping online practicing cybersecurity awareness

It’s hard to imagine a life without our very favorite devices. From smartphones, to laptops, to tablets, we rely on technology now more than ever. In order to protect the devices we love and rely on, it’s important to be aware of cybersecurity threats. This is especially true for businesses, who store a large amount of confidential data on their devices and networks every day. 

This October marks Cybersecurity Awareness Month, a time when individuals and businesses alike can focus on increasing their cybersecurity knowledge and defenses. Here are a few things your private business can learn about cybersecurity this October:

What is Cybersecurity Awareness Month?

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is a national campaign that was launched in 2004 by the United States federal government. The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness about cybersecurity threats and promote cybersecurity best practices. Every October, businesses and individuals are encouraged to participate in Cybersecurity Awareness Month activities.

What Can Your Private Business Learn About Cybersecurity in October?

There are a number of things your business can do to improve its cybersecurity posture during Cybersecurity Awareness Month. 

One way is to take advantage of the increased resources that are made available during this time. Many organizations offer free cybersecurity training courses, webinars, and articles during Cybersecurity Awareness Month. This is a great opportunity for businesses to educate their employees on cybersecurity best practices and commit to healthier cyber hygiene. 

In addition, October is a good time to review your cybersecurity policies and procedures, especially with the impending holidays. Make sure that your employees are aware of the latest cybersecurity threats and know how to protect themselves online. Cybercriminal activity usually increases over the holidays and revisiting and bettering your cybersecurity protocols in October can help keep your business safe. 

Don’t Forget: Cybersecurity is a Journey

It’s important to remember that cybersecurity is a journey, not a destination. There are always new cybersecurity threats emerging, and businesses need flexibility in order to deal with them. Cybersecurity Awareness Month is a great time to start or continue your cybersecurity journey. But it’s important to keep up with the latest cybersecurity news and trends all year round.

Cybersecurity Best Practices

There are a number of cybersecurity best practices that businesses should follow:

  • Educate employees on cybersecurity awareness and best practices: By providing cybersecurity training to employees, businesses can help them understand the importance of cybersecurity and how to protect themselves online.
  • Implement strong security measures: Businesses should implement strong security measures (such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems) to protect their networks from attackers.
  • Keep software up to date: It’s important to keep all software up to date, including operating systems, applications, and anti-virus programs. Outdated software can be full of security vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit.
  • Backup data regularly: Regularly backing up data helps ensure that businesses can recover from a cybersecurity incident.

Increase Cybersecurity with Weber TC 

Weber TC is a managed service provider committed to helping businesses improve their cybersecurity posture. We offer a number of cybersecurity services, including cybersecurity assessments, intrusion detection and prevention, and managed security services. 

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